Adventure holidays in St. Johann-Action around the Maurachhof

Enjoy breathtaking nature, indulge in culinary delights and experience adventurous days. All these aspects are included in our St. Johann im Pongau. But which attractions should not be missing for a perfect holiday in the Salzburg mountains?


  • Right next to the Maurachhof-der Geisterberg on the Gernkogel

“Gspensti” and “Spucki” accompany you at many exciting adventure stations around the Gernkogel. Where in winter the skiers swarm down the mountain, in summer there is a paradise for rocking, climbing and exploring for young and old. With the gondola lift we leave for the mountain station, where the ghost train is waiting for you. A hiking and nature experience of a very special kind.


  • The Bow Hunting-A Little Adventure in the Forest

concentration, body tension and target accuracy. The archery course offers a holiday experience for the whole family. Start is in the forest under the Maurachhof. On unnatural hiking trails you start. The goal? Bears, foxes, deer, birds and more. An adventure awaits you in the footsteps of the hunters, surrounded by picturesque mountain landscapes.



  • Action pure-the adventure playground Alpendorf

From mini golf to giant trampoline to go-cart track. The adventure playground in Alpendorf contains everything the children’s heart desires. Where visitors to the Alpendorf bergbahnen park in winter, there is a children’s playground of a special kind in summer.


But there is always something going on at The Maurachhof. The kids have the opportunity to experience life on the farm up close. Tractor driving with the farmer Toni and baking bread with Karin. Pony rides, wheelbarrow races and campfire grinds make your holiday at Maurachhof an unforgettable adventure.


Summer in St. Johann, a   pleasure for everyone!!