It’s so far-our new stable is being built!

The current stable at Maurachhof was built in 1948. Thirty years later, a de-mistification system was installed to facilitate the barn work. From 1991 there was an indoor crane. Nevertheless, the stable got older and narrower. In addition, it no longer met the current standards of animal husbandry. This gave rise to the idea of creating a modern, practical and spacious stable for our animals. Many plans were designed and countless ideas were put into the room. “If you’re building a stable, then it has to be perfect!” says Toni Gruber.   After a long preparatory phase, the plan was clear. A large hay hall, a stable for the cows, spacious horse boxes and plenty of space for chickens and goats, that’s how it should be.

On the first of April we started. The excavator approached to excavate the large excavation pit. The construction crane and countless trucks that supplied the many building materials followed. It wasn’t long before the first walls stood. With our super team it was possible to complete the concrete work within 6 weeks.
The woodwork was added to the existing concrete walls and floors. But the countless boards were first painted by many helpers. Every day sawing, hammering and screwing.  Now he’s there, almost done. The fine-tuning is currently underway. Pull in cables, finish the horse boxes, make fences and install the potions.

Our new stable is ready for the animals to move in soon. We have room for 25 cows and calves. They have a large lying surface and can move widely. In addition to 3 horse boxes including outlet, there are the chickens and pigsty. These animals also have the opportunity to get outdoors whenever they want. Furthermore, a cozy box has also been set up for our goats and sheep. In the new stable, there was also space for a large garage and two other work rooms.

It grew a little paradise for all our animals!!