TIP: For our small guests, there are waiting our Foster Animals for carring and stroking!

Activities for kids on the farm

There is a lot to do for our little guests! In addition to our outdoor playground and games room, hammocks for loungers, paddling pool, trampoline and many toys we also offer various activities for children.

Your farm experience

Caring animal for the duration of the holiday

The care animals are assigned on the day of the incentive. Of course we try to respond to the wishes of our little guests. There are many dear animals who are happy to be spoiled by our guest children.


Who wants to become "Maurachhof Melkkönig" of the week? The farmer and the farmer's wife will show you the tips and tricks for milking. Afterwards, each group can be milked with one adult and one child for 2 minutes.

Pony riding

Regular pony riding takes place on our farm. Farmer Toni leads our little children on the ponies around the yard and brave children can take the reins in their own hands!

Campfire evening or barbecue

In front of the farmhouse on the wonderfully fragrant flower meadow, we spoil you with bread, Würtschen and drinks. We let the day end comfortably and happily!
Afterwards, all children in the Heustadl can let off steam with a haystack.

wheelbarrow race

If you're having fun for everyone, then the wheelbarrow race is just right for you and your kids. The parents push the kids have fun in the wheelbarrow. Afterwards the funny award ceremony will take place.

Children tractor ride

At the request of our younger guests, Bauer Toni regularly undertakes a super exciting children's tractor ride. Of course, the sound is given by the children? with the horn !!! (Duration approx. 15 - 20 minutes)

Baking bread

Duration about one hour to form and knead and one hour to bake. You come with your parents at the desired time to the old bread oven and lets you explain from the farmer's wife how it works in such an old oven. Then you can also knead your own bread and when the delicious bread is ready you can pick it up and taste it with your parents! Good succeed!

Desire to run, build roads or play

We have a very wide range of outdoor play equipment for your kids. We constantly make sure that these vehicles or Spielac
are functional, so we also ask for careful handling.