About your hostKarin Gruber

G’schicht by Karin

Karin Gruber wanted to become a farmer. The story of her growing up sounds at least very harmonious. Only positive childhood memories of the first years of life, but above all of working on the parental farm and the interaction with the guests who liked to sit at the hausbank. At the age of 16 she met her future husband and now runs the Maurachhof together with him in full-time employment as a small and very fine family destination.

When Karin came to the Maurachhof in 2001, the question was asked how to proceed. Winter worked. Given the location in the middle of the Salzburg ski sports world, it is not surprising. But the summer still showed a lot of potential and so Karin and Toni decided to position the farm as a baby and children’s farm. Four years later, the time had come. Today, the estate near Alpendorf ob St. Johann im Pongau is a very harmonious family domicile. The children have stables, animals and enough nature-free and playroom at a safe distance. Parents enjoy either peace and views or pleasant feel-good facilities such as sauna and Kneipp pool. We are also happy to do both. Even active host families, who travel a lot, explore mountains and cycle paths of the region, would always take a farm day and leave the car standing. Understandable, because here the offer is right.

“When we’re here, my daughter is very different.”

Play and fun are in the foreground in everyday life in the court, but with the “care animal pass” Karin Gruber also brings a good deal of responsibility into the holiday week of the little guests. “The children choose their personal foster animal immediately after the arrival at the farm and then take care of it independently during the stay,” explains the farmer, explaining what she is concerned about. There is a real run on the pony, but there are no pre-reservations, because the pigs also want to be fed. The kids learn so early what morality and duty mean. If animal care is an exciting holiday adventure at first, there will soon be some boredom when feeding. “But the children take this seriously, although of course we have to look to the right and sometimes have to intervene motivatingly,” says Karin Gruber about her care program with personality formation. A smart move. Also towards guest loyalty. What unites animals and children will not want to separate parents. “We even had holidaymakers who bought the child’s foster animal, in this case a pig, and took it with us,” says the farmer with a smile. And when the viechers are well catered for, wheelbarrow races, campfires, pony rides, farm go-karts or Toni with the colorfully painted tractor trailer are waiting for young boys and girls. With the “Maurachhof-Express” the boss personally does several laps at the farm once a week. Completely dangerous, but always exciting. In the Pongau Adventure Land.