Children activities at the farm

There is a lot to experience for our little guests! When our guests arrive at our farm, the first way leads them across the farm. We show our guests, especially our little guests, the farm and the care animals.

Besides our outdoor playground and playroom, hammocks for loungers, paddling pool, trampoline and many toys, we also offer various activities for children.

Your farm experience

Care animal for the duration of the vacation

The foster animals are assigned on the day of arrival. Of course, we try to respond to the wishes of our little guests. There are many lovely animals that are happy to be pampered by our guest children.

Pony Riding

Pony riding also takes place regularly on our farm. Farmer Toni leads our little children around the farm on the ponies and very brave children may take the reins themselves!


Our barbecue evenings are held on the terrace with a large buffet of fresh wood-fired bread, farmhouse bacon, butter, spread, cheese, sausage, daily fresh pastries, vegetables and salad from our own home garden.

Campfire evening

In front of the farmhouse on the wonderfully fragrant flower meadow we will spoil you with stick bread, sausages and drinks. We let the day end comfortably and happily!
Afterwards, all the children can let off steam in the hay barn with a hay fight.

Wheelbarrow race

If you are up for any fun, then wheelbarrow race is just right for you and your kids. The parents push the children have great fun in the wheelbarrow. After that, the fun award ceremony will take place right away.

Children tractor ride

At the request of our little guests, farmer Toni regularly undertakes a super exciting children's tractor ride. The tone is set by the children, of course? with the horn!!! (Duration approx. 15 - 20 minutes)

Bread baking

Duration about one hour to shape and knead and one hour to bake. You come with your parents at the desired time to the old bread oven and let the farmer's wife explain to you how it works in such an old oven. Then you can knead your own bread and when the delicious bread is ready you can pick it up and taste it with your parents! Good luck!

Desire to dash, build roads or play

We have a very large selection of outdoor playground equipment for your children. We constantly make sure that these vehicles or toys are in working order, so we also ask for careful handling.

A farm paradise for the whole family

With us you can expect vacation experiences and adventures that leave nothing to be desired.
We are already looking forward to seeing you!