TIP: For our small guests, there are waiting our Foster Animals for carring and stroking!

The Ghost Mountain

An adventure park for the whole family at the Gernkogel

In July 2009, the adventure park “Geisterberg” with its 4 ghostly worlds of experience was opened at an altitude of 1,767m.

Gspensti & Spuki move around and accompany the already numerous curious and “enthusiastic” visitors around the Geisterberg. In a beautiful panoramic location, the little ones will find a variety of spirits, the larger slides and swings and the very big enjoy a hiking and nature experience of a special kind.

The Ghost Park offers, among other things:

Well maintained, ghostly hiking trails around the Gernkogel, panoramic towers, climbing mountains, giant slides, Krampus caves, air swings, shooting galleries, water features, mill wheels, waterfalls, …

The Geisterberg can be reached by the Alpendorf gondola lift and from the gondola mountain station with the “ghost train”.

Ghost mountain

The Ghost Mountain in St. Johann-Alpendorf is an ideal destination for the whole family