Every year when the days get longer and the nights shorter, the hay harvest arrives. It is always a huge spectacle for our guests, because they are welcome to help themselves and experience the action up close.


To harvest we needed at least 3 days of nice weather, so that the hay really gets dry. It was often very stressful, because in the old barn we had no hay ventilation and much less space. Usually it was a challenge to always bring a good food for our animals into the barn (in the dialect “Zimmabruckn”‘).


During the construction of the new stable, we made it a little easier for ourselves. With our new hay aeration we can already

make optimal hay with 12 hours of sunshine. A new hay crane was also installed. This is used to feed the hay ventilation box.


Our special mountain agricultural machines include mules, metrac and hand mowers. These are very sloping and manoeuvrable. During the harvest, my dad Toni usually drives the Metrac. My uncle Gottfried with the mules and I Toni junior or my brother Hannes with the hay crane.

The Metrac is used for mowing, zeting and swathing. The mule for picking up the hay or fertilizing. The hand mower can only be used for mowing on extreme slopes. These slopes must then be manually lowered with the rake. Without these machines, it would no longer work in today’s world, it would be too much work to rake everything by hand.


My mom Karin and my big sister Carina as well as my little brother Markus also help. That’s when you notice our good family cohesion!


You are also welcome to help with the hay harvest. This is sure to be a lot of fun!